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Boats GTA Online Adds That Would Be Perfect In GTA 6’s Vice City

There are three boats added to GTA Online in particular that embody the style of Vice City, with all the flash and ferocity a smuggling empire needs.

Boats are some of the most fun vehicles in GTA 5 and GTA Online, and with Grand Theft Auto VI somewhere on the horizon, there are a number of them that could be carried over to add to the open world experience. It’s easy to look at the boats available and find fun rides, like the various Seasharks or the Police Predator that can be stolen in story mode, which will surely be present in GTA 6 in some form. As GTA Online continues to expand the aquatic options, more possibilities arise.

Given that GTA 6 is heavily rumored to take fans back to Vice City, certain boats in the current lineup stand out as ideal fits for a Miami-themed world. While boats like the Shitzu Tropic and Lampadati Toro are a must for any coastal setting, there are three boats in particular that capture the Miami Vice flare of cops and cocaine cowboys – all of which were introduced in the recent Cayo Perico Heist.

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The massive new GTA Online heist Rockstar released last December actually gave vibes much more akin to a Vice City setting. The theme of the continual expansion feels like a story told throughout the Caribbean and Central America region, and with it came the addition of the Kurtz Patrol Boat, Weaponized Dinghy, and the Longfin. Each of these fills a need in the possible Vice City setting of GTA 6 that few others can.

GTA 6: Cops & Robbers, On The Water

GTA Online Boats in GTA 6

On their own, it’s not that these GTA Online boats are particularly special (although the Longfin is the fastest boat in the game). It’s more about the persona that they bring to a Vice City setting. While GTA 6 will have a myriad of activities and storylines, the core of a Vice City world is a coastal paradise, with lavish luxury set against the background of massive smuggling operations that shape the city. There is no Miami Vice without wild water chases, and these three boats embody that perfectly.

The Shitzu Longfin is all the flash and flare of Vice City. It is raw power and dangerous speed. No smuggling empire is complete without a boat that can outpace most cars. The Longfin is the definition of the glitz and glamor GTA 6 needs. The Weaponized Dinghy represents the other side of the criminal empire – there is no glitz without grit. Kingpins don’t get to have fancy toys without having the military-grade muscle to do the dirty work. This is why the Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat is the other necessary member of the aquatic trio. When speed and tactical efficiency don’t cut it, it’s time to go for raw firepower, and the Kurtz has that in spades.

There is any number of other boats in GTA Online that could and likely will be included in Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, a seaside life isn’t complete without superyachts, jet skis, and sailboats abound. These three boats, though, represent the definitive example of what GTA 6‘s potential return to Vice City could be all about; lethal power and opulent wealth, all rolled into one.

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