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Welcome to Plathville: Season 3 Premiere Date & Spinoff Facts

Find out everything there is to know about Welcome To Plathville season 3, as well as the franchise’s brand-new digital spin-off.

Things ended badly at the end of Welcome to Plathville season 2, with the family divided. Ethan’s wife Olivia can’t stand to face Ethan’s parents, so Ethan left his parents and siblings behind for the time being so that he can work on his marriage. In turn, older children Micah and Moriah are trying to balance between living their dream lives and keeping a connection to their family. This summer, people will be able to see more from the different branches of the Plath family in another season of Welcome to Plathville and a brand-new spinoff.

Kim and Barry Plath believe that the best way to protect their kids from the bad things in life is to hide those things from them. Instead of teaching their children about how to discern between things that are helpful and things that are harmful, the parents just ban most things, such as TV, alcohol, sugar, and cellphones. It was a strange choice for the parents to agree to do a TV show since their children aren’t even allowed to watch television. However, as the Plath kids grow older, they naturally become more independent and want to experience life.

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The fans will get to reunite with the Plath family starting August 24 on TLC, which is the premiere date for Welcome to Plathville season 3. The season’s press release description reads, “This season, the older kids are still on their own journey to self-discovery but while some Plaths want to make amends with their parents and continue to see their siblings, that’s not the case for everyone.” The fans have already spotted some of the family members at a restaurant while being filmed by camera crews, so production on season 3 is already underway.

If that’s not enough, TLC is also premiering a new digital spinoff of Welcome to Plathville, which will be called Plathville: Steamy Nights in Cairo. The title refers to Cairo, Georgia, where the Plath family resides. Cast members of the Plath family and their spouses will answer questions about their personal lives. It’s a digital series, so it will be available to watch on the TLCgo app and the streaming service Discovery+.

TLC has announced a load of new seasons for many of its top shows. Dr. Pimple Popper is getting season 6 on July 14, Say Yes to the Dress starts its new season on July 17, and My Big Fat Fabulous Life will have season 9 starting on August 17, just to name a few. While no reality show is based too heavily on actual reality, TLC has clearly found the sorts of slice-of-life shows that speak to their fans, and that includes Welcome to Plathville.

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